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How The Program Works

  • 1 Point = $1.00.
  • Make sure to tell our customer service staff that you are in the program, so they can flag it on your order when you make your selections.
  • If your fabricator orders directly, make sure to follow up with your salesrep to get credit for the sale.
  • Sign in (legibly please!) at one of our showrooms and receive $2.00/visit.
  • Points are earned when the material ships from a T&M facility to the installer. Points are added to your account at the end of each month. Statements are sent out the following month after you have earned points.
  • You can start cashing out points 60 days after the invoice date and once your balance hits $100.00. You can: keep the balance rolling, provide a W-9 and get a check, or use points for a material purchase. Points expire if no activity in 2 years.
  • The Designer Rewards Program is only open to those who do not purchase materials directly.
  • Points are earned on any slab in our regular inventory. No points for Boneyard or Rem Rack slabs, as these are already sold at a discount. Slabs less than 30SF will earn ½ points.


Slab Price Level Points Awarded per Slab
1 10
2 20
3 30
4 40
5 50
6 60
7 70
8 80
9 90
10 100
Luxury 250

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