Q: How does iNeedASlab Work?
A: The fabricators send a request when they need a slab to the suppliers in any given area. The phone & email of the fabricator goes out to all the suppliers in the area. The supplier(s) and their representatives can contact the fabricator. The suppliers get notified with an email/text message and an app notification as soon as a request is generated.

Q: Is there any advantage to a supplier to use this app?
A: Definitely. It is a very good way for the supplier to get new customers and leads. Since the history of the fabricators request is also displayed, along with their contact information, this helps build the database of customers and their requests. Also, if the supplier has an orphan slab or a discontinued color and if there is a request for it, the supplier can get rid of it. The inventory turnover can be improved on using this app.

Q: Is it only one account per a company?
A: No, every email can have an account. So all the representatives of the supplier in one region may choose to create their own accounts.

Q: Should I send it to all my customers?
A: Yes, the more the fabricators on the app and the suppliers, the more leads for everyone. Customers use this app mainly for hard to find material and the fabricators appreciate the help provided by the supplier in finding the material.

Q: Is there any validation on the companies/users that register?
A: Only the email accounts are verified to make sure that the person registering has ownership of that email address. If the supplier does not want to respond to a request as it could be a fraudulent or a “fishing” request, it can be ignored.

Q: What all does a fabricator request include?
A: It includes the material name. The quantity and any other info, like the quality or any other name, is optional.

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