Q: How does iNeedASlab Work?
A: The fabricators send a request when they need a slab to the suppliers in any given area. The phone & email of the fabricator goes out to all the suppliers in the area. The supplier(s) and their representatives can contact the fabricator. The suppliers get notified with an email/text message and an app notification as soon as a request is generated.

Q: Is there any advantage to a fabricator to use this app?
A: Definitely. All the suppliers will come forward to give the best price, service, material to the fabricator. It will also help in finding hard to find colors. It will help in finding slabs that that are orphan slabs and a supplier is trying to get rid of it. For projects and quotes, it helps to get a quote from all the suppliers within 100 miles and also the availability. If a slab needs to be matched, a request goes out to all the suppliers in the area.

Q: Is it only one account per a company?
A: No, every employee of the fabricator can have an account. The service will always be free for fabricators and this is very helpful in having as many accounts as possible.

Q: Should I send it to all my suppliers?
A: Yes, the more the suppliers using this app, the more competitive for the fabricators. The fabricator can get the material more quickly. Better pricing, service, quality.

Q: Is there any validation on the companies/users that register?
A: Only the email accounts are verified to make sure that the person registering has ownership of that email address.

Q: What all does a fabricator request include?
A: It includes the material name. The quantity and any other info, like the quality or any other name, is optional.

Q: How does the supplier contact the fabricator?
A: The fabricator’s email and phone number are out in the message. As we get more feedback, we might restrict the contact only to the email.

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